The live + digital experience group Shaping tomorrow by connecting live and digital today

We commit to making a positive change every day, bringing innovative strategies to life and transforming people with immersive experiences.

Our goal is to create series of moments that bring people together, influence them and encourage them to take positive action. Where the physical and digital worlds merge seamlessly for the ultimate result.

The Daymakers group:

Daymakers group forms the experience group of the future by joining the forces of two renowned and award winning agencies namely D&B Eventmarketing – The LIVE Company and FX Agency – The Digital Experience Agency.

We believe in combining the undeniable impact of live with the immersive power of digital.


FX Agency
D&B Eventmarketing

Are you looking for a positive change?

Is it high time for a positive transformation of your internal target groups, involving your stakeholders or strengthening your relationships? Then count on us! We are the professionals for smart strategies, powerful messages and creative concepts to create the ultimate experience. And the great thing is, we also make it transparent and measurable. What else do you want?

We are happy to think along with you about the needs of your organization. Don’t hesitate to email us to plan a cup of coffee or inspiring presentation.


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